Friday, May 9, 2014

What is the identity of Las Vegas, NM

At one time Las Vegas, NM was the largest town in the territory of New Mexico, but when the railroad went south so did the future of Las Vegas.  We, like all small towns in NM, have a myriad of problems and not the least of which is water. The State Legislature appropriated $10 million to apply to our water issue.  I pray that the $10 million does not go down a million little rat holes.  That appropriation will go along way to solving the water issue.  Another positive thing was the sale and renovation of the Castenada, a former Harvey House.  Its restoration should help the revival of the entire RR district.  We need to make sure we do not loose our RR connection.  It is important to us, but more so for the Philmont Boy Scout Ranch located south of Raton.  It would be nice for Las Vegas to position itself as the retirement center of Northeastern NM.  We need to attract new jobs, new opportunity for business, and we need to seriously reconsider our position on fracking.   

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