Wednesday, December 16, 2015

In a few weeks 2015 will be in the history books. As far as I am personally concerned, this was a momentous year because there were no major health concerns for myself or my wife which is so very wonderful. It was a good year for real estate and for our insurance business. The Bed and Breakfast was equally active due to the many activities of the summer. We are thankful and blessed. Soon we plan to open a new insurance company in Dripping Springs, Texas. We are looking forward to the new adventure of moving back to our roots. My wife and I hope all of you many readers of this blog have a healthy, happy and prosperous new year!

Thursday, November 5, 2015

Holiday Season, 2015

Fall in Northeastern New Mexico is a beautiful time of year. All of the deciduous trees are brilliant in the color, the elk are bugling, migratory birds are headed south, snow is in the highest peaks. Although it was a good summer, fall brings a natural slow down in real estate business. Fewer people are out looking for property, most people are wondering where and what they will be doing for the holidays, they are not concerned about major purchases of tens of thousands of dollars. Most people by this time have put out the fire and called in the dogs. As I have said many times, this little town does not do "new construction" very well whether it is of a residential or commercial nature. With that thought in mind, I would like to discuss three commercial endeavors that are taking place. First, at the intersection of University-Grand Avenue major renovation is taking place in preparation of placing Del Norte Pharmacy into the old convenience store location. It is a welcome business to those situated along Grand Avenue. Secondly, at 200 and 202 Plaza a new art gallery is going in at that location. The remodel job is beautiful and will be a welcome addition to all of the improvements in the Plaza area. Finally, on the west side of the Plaza the owner of New York pizza is placing a sports bar complete with a three lane bowling alley. It will be so very welcome. Hopefully it will convince our citizens to stay in Las Vegas to support our local businesses. In addition two these commercial improvements it should be noted that our national congressmen helped obtain a grant to keep the Amtrac train running through Las Vegas. It is wonderful news for Las Vegas and Raton. I only wish that they would have obtained enough money to fix the tunnel between Raton and Trinidad. That tunnel is preventing freight trains from running north and south, and if we are getting enough to maintain the track why not fix the tunnel as well? Also, Mainstreet, Inc has gotten a 50K loan to help reinvigorate and renovate the railroad district area. Through the years it has suffered the neglect of time and has been a great source of crime in our fair town. It is hopeful that changes can be made in that area as has been done in other parts of the city. Finally, we at Rocky Mountain Real Estate, Crow Insurance, and Crow's Bed and Breakfast hope that all of our friends and customers have a happy and safe holiday season. We say to everyone out there in computer land...MERRY CHRISTMAS and Happy New Year.

Thursday, September 10, 2015

Successful Summer trends to an expectant Fall

It has been many, many years since the town of Las Vegas has experienced as many tourists as we have had this summer. The retail and service industries had a very successful year. Old Town Plaza and the general Bridge Street area had a number of events that were very successful this year. The increased flow of tourists no doubt has increased the Lodger Tax revenues rather substantially as well as income from the gross receipts tax. Those two sources of income should be used to enhance the tourists to come to Las Vegas, NM which has been called the "Wildest of the Wild West". Is that happening? Hell, no! What is the City in it's infinite wisdom going to do with this increased revenue? Replace a roof that blew off the pool at the "rec" center. I don not know this for a fact, but the roof blew off due to improper maintenance, and now we will use lodger tax money to replace that roof! How damn dumb can we be! Rather than give money to the Chamber, the City prefers to "divide and conquer". Such short sided thinking from a mayor who is afraid of delegating too much power. It seems as though every time we take one step forward we move two steps back. City elections are coming up and it is time to make massive changes.

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Spectacular late spring weather!

As of 5-20-15 we have had some beautiful spring weather with regards to moisture. We still have a considerable amount of snow in the highest mountain ranges which is great for the irrigation, and also beautiful to look at. Trees are all beginning to come out. The aspen and the cottonwood trees are looking to blossom forth, the oak brush (encinoso) is also taking on new leaves and growth, and many fruit trees managed to miss the last killing frost. The irrigation ditches are flowing with new life, the "vega" land is full of moisture, and many stock tanks are filling up. Damn, it looks good. Even Storrie Lake is taking on some water. We have a number of new listings that are absolutely beautiful and priced right. Adjacent to the Santa Fe National Forest we have some property that is high mountain property. It is heavily timbered with fir, ponderosa pine, and aspen which could be harvested to help pay for the property. In addition the Sellers are willing to sell 50% of the mineral rights of the property. In the middle of the property or there abouts is a beautiful meadow which is home to turkey, mule deer, and elk. The owner is willing to sell all or part. Call me, Mack Crow, for a showing of this exceptional property. On the South side of the Santa Fe National Forest near Mineral Hill is a 92 acre tract with a beautiful seasonal creek running through it. It too has ponderosa pine and cottonwood trees and is so very peaceful. It has mountain meaadows that are as calming as the creek. It has good acess and is just about a half mile from the national forest for your motorized riding or if you prefer, a horseback ride or hike would be just as enjoyable. We also have a 500+\- acre tract 38 miles east of Las Vegas on the Northeast Highlands caprock. It is 60% "llano" land and 40% canyon country. Perfect horse\cattle country. It has a 114 year old residence that has been restored, a great barn, and it is off the grid with modern innovations. It is priced to sell. Again, call Mack. Good properties. Call for a showing

Thursday, April 2, 2015

Musings and Observations

Today is the day after April Fool's Day, and it is appropriate that I am going to mention the local real estate market and the directions of our fair city, Las Vegas, NM. With regards to real estate the year has started out with a bang, and so far has continued so. Most of the Buyers that we have had the pleasure of dealing with have been outside the Las Vegas area. They are attracted by the beauty of our Sangre de Cristo mountains, the peaceful solitude of mountain cabins, and the general friendliness of our town. Prices continue to fall, but the fall is not near as precipitous as before. As the spring season continues we hope the snow melt will help our water situations somewhat especially the acquias for our local farmers. According to channel 13 out of Albuquerque, we are supposed to have above normal precipitation and average temps for late spring and early summer. That suits me just fine. Although some things are looking up, one thing just wears me out, and that is our local and county governments. I'd like to ask, "What the hell do they do to attract tourists and business to Las Vegas?" I can answer that-damn little. Both governmental entities get money from the Lodger's Tax, the city about $260K and the county substantially less, but what does the Lodger's Tax Board do? Not too much in my humble opinion. Do we have an ad in the New Mexico magazine? NO. Do we have a billboard on I-25? NO. Who is promoting Las Vegas? Not those with the money, I can tell you that. Thank God, we will still have our Amtrak rail service. To have lost that would have been a killer. Sunday is Easter. Have fun, be careful, and do not drive drunk!!!I know you drunks think you can do it because you are so handsome, intelligent, and bullet proof, but please, please don't do it. In the meantime, keep your nose clean and your butt in the saddle.

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Odds and Ends...

We are getting a good snow today, January 21. The ski areas are really going to have a nice snow which will hopefully mean more economic benifit for the resorts. That will be good for all of us. We have a 90% chance of snow today and about a 65% tomorrow with a low of 5 degrees predicted in the morning. If that is so, it will be a treacherous drive for folks. I know some ranches are calving right now and that is quite problematical for the ranchers. Had a Design and Review Board meeting yesterday. The local muscians want to place granite monuments around\in the Plaza honor 500 living and dead muscians. No action was taken. Presenters are to come back with more on what they propose. I saw that a federal judge ruled against the anti-frackers. I am sure we will here more on that. Well, adios to my many readers--ha, ha!

Monday, December 29, 2014

New Year-Rocky Mtn Real Estate, Las Vegas, NM-Blog It is hard to believe that 2014 has just flown by. That is what anyone over the age of 40 says. Children believe the time just drags. There is a scientific reason for this, but it escapes me just now. It has gotten very cold here in NE New Mexico. The mountains have a considerable amount of snow making the ski resorts very happy. It is so stupid, the weather folks have started naming winter storms like they do hurricanes. Every thing has to be a big event so they can get viewers on TV. For country people it makes not one single rat's ass, or that is what some of the old timers say anyhow.