Thursday, September 10, 2015

Successful Summer trends to an expectant Fall

It has been many, many years since the town of Las Vegas has experienced as many tourists as we have had this summer. The retail and service industries had a very successful year. Old Town Plaza and the general Bridge Street area had a number of events that were very successful this year. The increased flow of tourists no doubt has increased the Lodger Tax revenues rather substantially as well as income from the gross receipts tax. Those two sources of income should be used to enhance the tourists to come to Las Vegas, NM which has been called the "Wildest of the Wild West". Is that happening? Hell, no! What is the City in it's infinite wisdom going to do with this increased revenue? Replace a roof that blew off the pool at the "rec" center. I don not know this for a fact, but the roof blew off due to improper maintenance, and now we will use lodger tax money to replace that roof! How damn dumb can we be! Rather than give money to the Chamber, the City prefers to "divide and conquer". Such short sided thinking from a mayor who is afraid of delegating too much power. It seems as though every time we take one step forward we move two steps back. City elections are coming up and it is time to make massive changes.

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