Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Is the "past" the only thing Las Vegas, NM can sell?

The history of Las Vegas, NM is amazing.  The founding settlers (all Hispanic) had to fight the Comanche and plains Indians just to gain a foothold.  General Kearney stood on a roof in the Plaza to declare New Mexico\Arizona was now American and no longer Mexican.  The defining factor was the railroad.  Those iron tracks brought "Doc" Holiday, Jesse James, Billy the Kid and Pat Garrett.  There is a book that calls us the "Wildest of the Wild West".  I believe that is true.  Those were the good old days, now we need to attract people for other reasons than gambling, whiskey, women and land grabs.  We are a great community to attract Senior Citizens who are looking for a place to retire.  To do this we need top notch hospitals, shopping centers, and some degree of "culture".  As a community, we need to put forth our best face.  We need our leaders to do all that is reasonable to attract people.  Our young people trying to raise a family need to have jobs.  Are we attracting business?  Is our Chamber of Commerce attracting new business?  Is our Economic Development Corp. attracting new business?  Does the city offer incentives to a new business?  I believe I know the answer to these questions and it is not "yes".

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