Thursday, April 2, 2015

Musings and Observations

Today is the day after April Fool's Day, and it is appropriate that I am going to mention the local real estate market and the directions of our fair city, Las Vegas, NM. With regards to real estate the year has started out with a bang, and so far has continued so. Most of the Buyers that we have had the pleasure of dealing with have been outside the Las Vegas area. They are attracted by the beauty of our Sangre de Cristo mountains, the peaceful solitude of mountain cabins, and the general friendliness of our town. Prices continue to fall, but the fall is not near as precipitous as before. As the spring season continues we hope the snow melt will help our water situations somewhat especially the acquias for our local farmers. According to channel 13 out of Albuquerque, we are supposed to have above normal precipitation and average temps for late spring and early summer. That suits me just fine. Although some things are looking up, one thing just wears me out, and that is our local and county governments. I'd like to ask, "What the hell do they do to attract tourists and business to Las Vegas?" I can answer that-damn little. Both governmental entities get money from the Lodger's Tax, the city about $260K and the county substantially less, but what does the Lodger's Tax Board do? Not too much in my humble opinion. Do we have an ad in the New Mexico magazine? NO. Do we have a billboard on I-25? NO. Who is promoting Las Vegas? Not those with the money, I can tell you that. Thank God, we will still have our Amtrak rail service. To have lost that would have been a killer. Sunday is Easter. Have fun, be careful, and do not drive drunk!!!I know you drunks think you can do it because you are so handsome, intelligent, and bullet proof, but please, please don't do it. In the meantime, keep your nose clean and your butt in the saddle.

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