Monday, September 8, 2014

Doggone summer is Gone

As far as I am concerned summer is overwith, kaput, no mas; and now we look with anticipation to the fall season. I have a chinese tallow tree near my house and it is beautiful with the leaves resplendent in their fall colors. By the end of the month the Aspen will be shimmering in their yellow plumage. The summer was good for real estate in our area as it usually is. It is still a buyers market; however, it is difficult to "qualify" for loans. As of September 1st we had 422 active listing in our Las Vegas MLS, as of January 1st we had sold 99 listings which is 23% of the listings. So, for Sellers it is still tough. We have some great listings. We have great in-town listings that are priced in the market. We have some restored historical homes near the Plaza area, we have good homes in the ETZ, and we have some great rural homes. Call us for more information.

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